Our Story

Our story at Glass Slipper Dream Parties starts in a magical land far, far away.


Every girl dreams of being a princess, right? Princess Kristen dreamed of nothing else. Acting, singing, dancing, and dress up were her favorite past times. Never in a million years, was she prepared for what life had in store for her.

Fast forward many years later, Kristen had achieved many things; some of which were never on her original list. She accomplished working at her favorite theme parks portraying familiar characters! She worked in hospitals and on an ambulance and fire truck, saving lives and spreading her magic where ever she went. But something was missing!

Upon moving to the land of California, Kristen began touching people’s lives in a different way; and for her, in a more rewarding way. To Princess Kristen, nothing was more rewarding than seeing a child’s eyes light up, as they saw her as their favorite character walking up their driveway; or a tearful and joyful parent thanking her for helping make their child’s dreams come true.

Kristen learned that being a princess is not all about beautiful gowns and tiaras… but about hard work, dedication, perseverance, and love. Nothing is more important to Princess Kristen, than not only portraying characters properly, but ensuring that the children that idolize these princesses, come away from meeting her with important life lessons, manners, and a sense of what it really means to be a princess.